A list of websites where you can download FREE digital assets (Photos, Videos, Music)

A list of websites where you can download FREE digital assets (Photos, Videos, Music)

Searching for that perfect photo for your blog post, or a b-roll video to put into your blog can be a stressful process; getting royalty-free music is even bigger but over the years more and more websites appear where you can get amazing free digital assets without risking a lawsuit.

Those websites are golden because you can always put a cool stock photo in your blog post or add b-roll to your vlog and adding cool music to your videos (internal or external) can be a great way to level up your video game. That's why i wanted to create this list - to help you find all the best free digital assets for your next creative venture.

I would also LOVE to update this list from time to time, so it can be bookmarked and kept as a go-to resource for digital assets so if you know any good websites to add to this list, write me an email to neb@nebojsas.com and i'll add it in with your credits.


Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Photos are the easiest one, and i want to tackle them first. There are loads of websites offering free photos and editable images, i won't categorize each one of them but instead, i'll keep them all into one category - the websites that offer free stock photos, the ones who offer editable .svg icons, vector files, the ones with .psd files and so on and so on.

  • Pexels - Great library of free stock photos
  • Unsplash - Another great library of free stock photos
  • Pixabay - Finishing off the holy trinity of free stock photos, you probably don't need anything more.
  • Freepik - Everything from vector illustrations, mockups in PSD formats, stock images and more
  • Flaticon - Every icon on the world you probably need, you can get them in pretty much any format.
  • unDraw - Amazing vector illustrations that can be used for your website or anything else you like.



Videos are a big one, if you can spice up the video you are editing to present your product with some stock footage it can potentially be a home run - that's why it's always worth checking the libraries to see if you have anything you like - it can also serve as an inspiration source.

I've used these in one of my previous blogs "How to create a promo video for free" and they are a timesaver!

  • Youtube - Okay, an obvious one but so many people often overlook to search Youtube, you can often find useful royalty FREE videos on there, just check the description.
  • Videvo - Good library, although they started to introduce more and more premium ones, still worth a look.
  • Videezy - You can really find some weird ones here, but worth checking because there are some great ones also.
  • Pixabay - This is probably my favourite one, they have some great videos!
  • Pexels - Okay, yeah i know it's a cheap shot to count this in photo and video but it's technically true - they have some great stuff.


Photo by Stas Knop from Pexels

Now music can actually be worth investing in, buying a track on AudioJungle can be pretty cheap and it can save you a lot of time. Of course, if you really need to get it for free there are a few places that can help you.

  • Vlog No Copyright Music - This channel is great if you, well create vlogs - they have some really popular songs that are in the style that got really popular in the recent years (Casey Neistat vlogs type of music)
  • Music for creators - It seems like they stoped uploading but still they have some great stuff in there.
  • Audio Library - Music for content creators - This is my #1 place to get free music as they have a big library and some awesome songs!
  • BenSound - It's worth a shot, although some of the music isn't really good (it's really corporate) - it might be subjective and you might really like it!


Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Okay, this category is for everything and anything that i can remember from the time of writing to publishing this article - it can be colors, inspiration boards, mockups...whatever. Check the list and you might find something useful!

  • Colors - House of van Schneider - Great library of simple two-tone color combinations.
  • UIGradients - Gradients for daaaays
  • SubtlePatterns - A big library of very subtle patterns for your website backgrounds.
  • Bg Image Generator - A generator for your background textures Mockup World - A big library of mockups, yes - the majority is paid but there is some free ones!
  • Turbo Squid - Again, a huge library of 3D models with a majority of them paid but a bunch of them free.


I hope you liked the article, and that it was useful to you - use this list wisely because with great power comes great responsibility!

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Thank you all for reading!