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How does this help you?

Creating social media video ads has never been easier.

Quick video creation

An average Plainly video takes 8 minutes to be made.

Stunning designs

We take inspiration from the latest design trends, so your promo video jumps out of the feed.

Testing ads made easy

Because of the quick video generation, you can create dozens of similar ads from one template and test their ROI.

Create videos like these:

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Easy to use online platform for meetings, screen sharing and recording.

How is this any different?

You don't need to be creative, you just need to know what you want to tell.

Video blocks

We focus on simplicity, that's why our videos are generated with video blocks.

Colors taken from your website

The colors for your video are sampled from your website, so you can focus on the important bits.

Automatic generation

Input only our website, and choose a template - Plainly will generate a promo video for you.

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How do you use this?

It's simple.

Choose how you want to generate your video

You can try out automatic, or go straight to manual. It depends on the type of a video you are making.

Choose a template

Find the right template for your video.

Create a video

Use our video blocks to quickly craft your video, you only need to tell us what pictures to use and what text to display - the rest is on us.

We like to keep pricing simple


Video generation with a Plainly watermark included.

$0/ per video
  • Video creation
  • Plainly watermark
  • Customer support


For the ones who want to take their business to the next level.

$14.99/ per video
  • Video Creation
  • No Plainly watermark
  • Priority customer support
  • HD 1080p videos
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